Below is a list of our services. All visits include feeding, walking, litter scoop and of course plenty of love and attention. If you need additional services please feel free to ask. Please give at least a weeks notice when scheduling a visit and new clients please give at least 2 weeks notice. During the holidays more notice is preferred. New clients must set up a Meet and Greet with a representative of The Doggie Connection. At this time we will meet your pets, go over your service needs, finalize dates, obtain a key, and you will be handed contracts that must be signed before the first visit. Excellent references will also be provided during the Meet and Greet.

Daily Walks

Daily walks take place usually between the hours of 11:00 and 3:00 and each visit is 20-30 minutes long, not including travel time. Dogs can either be taken out for a solo walk or in small groups. Solo walks take place in your own neighborhood and group walks take place in a central neighborhood, fenced in yard, open field or the woods. The type of walk your pet needs will be determined at the Meet and Greet. In order to participate in group walks your dog must be friendly to other dogs and show no signs of aggression towards dogs or humans.

20 - 30 Minute Dog Walk

$18 per dog per visit

$6 each additional dog

$20 per visit Saturday and Sunday

Vacation Visits for Dogs

While you are on vacation your dog will receive 3 visits per day. These visits include feeding, fresh water, as well as exercise.

20 - 30 Minute Vacation Visits

$18 per dog per visit

$6 each additional dog

Cat Visits

While you are away we will give your cats plenty of love, provide fresh water, feeding and litter clean up. The litter box will be scooped every visit. If you'd like us to change the litter there is an extra fee.

20 - 30 Minute Cat Visits

$18 per cat per visit up to 2 cats

$2 each additional cat

$5 extra applies if you'd like the litter box changed instead of scooped


An additional $10 fee per visit is added to the following holidays. Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, New Years Eve (after 6pm) and New Years Day. Please note that we are closed after 11:00 on Christmas Eve and are also closed all day on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Please contact us for our vacation schedule.


In addition to taking care of your pets we will also bring in your mail, alternate lights, and water a small amount of indoor plants. Outdoor
plants are an additional fee.

The Doggie Connection Dog Walking & Pet Sitting for all household pets.